Monday, May 28, 2012

Toddler Ballerinas Brawl On Stage, Video Goes Viral

There is a video featuring two toddler ballerinas having a little brawl or cat fight on stage that has gone viral. In fact the video has the media world buzzing and if you haven?t seen it never fear you can check out the full footage below. I first saw the story on the Today show and seriously thought it was something straight out of Toddlers and Tiaras at first. But it wasn?t it was simply two little ballerinas who got into it in the middle of their recital. It all began when one of the adorable dressed girls decided to push the other one. This of course started a shoving match that also includes some hitting and slapping. Finally after what seemed like quite while the two girls mother?s each came up on stage and broke up the fight. I could explain more but you really should just watch it. In the video below you can hear the audience laughing because let?s be honest the brawl as it is being called is quite cute. I mean two toddlers in tutu?s having a fight, classic. All of that being said I kind of couldn?t believe that it took the parents so [...]


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