Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Survivor One World Episode 13 Recap, The End of Tarzan!

We begin our recap of Survivor One World, Episode 13 on Night 33. The Tikiano Tribe has returned from Tribal Council after voting off Kat. The women seem giddy about it, but Tarzan, the last man left, is becoming more concerned about his own fate. He talks with Kim about the finals and tries to convince her that the Jury might support Chelsea or Sabrina over her. Tarzan thinks the men of the Jury will hate him since he helped betray the gender, and that the Jury has little love for either Alicia or Christina. Kim listens and seems to agree in part with what Tarzan is saying, but she hates the idea of betraying her gal-pal, Chelsea. Jeff Probst offers no relief for the last man standing, Dr. Tarzan, as he is booted from Survivor One World.� Image Credit:� PNP / Wenn.com. Day 34 and Chelsea is thinking that the tribe is now split evenly at 3 each. The factions are her, Kim and Sabrina versus Tarzan, Alicia and Christina. Chelsea talks with Christina about booting Tarzan next and promises to take Christina on a reward should she win one. Christina tells Kim, Alicia and Tarzan about Chelsea?s conversation. [...]

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